Maya Wegerif

Maya, is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College where she majored in African Solutions (self-designed). Maya is the meeting of many worlds, proof that the separation is an illusion. She is mixed race, born rural raised urban, praising the old and creating the new, traditional come digital, quiet thinker cum loudly, with her eyes on a cum laude.

Nafeesa Dawoodbhoy

Nafeesa  is a senior studying comparative literature and creative writing at New York University. She dabbles in poetry, cooking and collecting stuffed animals. She advocates strongly against all systems of oppression and wants to provoke critical thinking towards systemic injustice including (but not limited to) those of race, gender (especially with regards to trans rights), socio-economic class and sexuality.

Anarkalee Perera

Anarkalee is a fresh graduate of Mount Holyoke living in Boston, MA. When she is not spending time watering her dream of becoming the intellectual brainchild of Howard Zinn and Arundhati Roy, she is indulging in unhealthy amounts of caffeinated beverages and  wishing for her old tropical lifestyle back. She is interested in exploring the role of gender in development, and ways in which we can leverage new technologies to empower women.  She would like to one day stop being asked why she thinks women matter so much.


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