This blog is a celebration of womanhood.  A space for the recreation of identities surrounding women, a space for anger against the atrocities committed against women and a space for exploring, in the deepest, darkest nooks of truth, what it means to be a woman. We want this space to transform into a platform for women’s voices: to speak of life, hardship, challenges, pleasures and joys.

To the legion of things that have inspired us and brought us to where we are now, we owe this blog to. The people in each and every one of our lives; the teacher, the best friend, the parent, the stranger, who have inspired us to the be the women we are today, and the places that have given us the opportunities to meet other women who share our experiences and our passions. These people, places, books, ideas, have been invaluable in shaping us.

Where this blog will take us, we are yet to see. My hope is that it will help transform the lives of those who  read this blog, and empower the women who are brave enough to speak truth to light.

-Anarkalee Perera


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