The term Pro-Life is misleading because it depends on which life you care about

For the woman who told me that feminism was an antiquated movement, unnecessary in the 21st Century, because ‘we’ve moved past that right?’

I am a feminist because a zygote has more rights than a woman in this country

When a ball of cells has more constitutional protection than a human being

I am a feminist.

When I know they can never overturn Roe v Wade, so they force me to look at an ultrasound of my unborn child, make me stare at its heart beat, describe in excruciating detail the partial organs it has already developed

In an attempt to get me to feel a surge of catholic guilt and be overcome by my duty to procreate

I am a feminist.

When they tell me that I am killing, murdering, destroying, sinning, all because I am saving a child from having a mother whose own life will be quartered to give birth to another when this world has so many people it is eating itself up with competition and climbing higher

I am a feminist.

When they restrict my uterus from removing its foetus by refusing to cover an abortion on my health insurance and having a penis by default allows them to pay less for health care

I am a feminist.

When they tell me I’m a whore and I should ask them why the fuck their God would want a whore to be a mother, but instead I believe them and start to hate myself a little more

I am a feminist.

When planned parenthood has to fight the supreme court and the result hangs by one vote in my favour and the death of one judge could make me grow something inside me for 9 months and look after it for 18 years

I am a feminist.

When they take me into a room and lecture me on ethics and morality for 3 hours before I bleed out my baby in a mess of hormones and preliminary placental matter, so that I think of the blood between my legs as the child I could have had

I am a feminist.

When they make me want to throw myself in front of a subway and feel the life rushing out of me because they’ve done so well convincing me that I haven’t a shred of integrity left in me

But really I have just saved a child from a life where its mother is never home because she works 3 jobs to pay the rent, to make sure he isn’t hungry and he can get to sleep safely but she never has the time to know his favourite book or listen to his pleas to get a hamster or a goldfish or maybe even a green iguana with a saggy chin and he hates her for it.

I am a feminist.

Today when I chose to get an abortion, I chose life, I chose my life and the life of my future child because when I become a mother, I want to buy him a cage with a mini jungle inside for the iguana we will name gus, I want to have time to teach him the lyrics to every Beatles song ever written, I want to take two hours every night to make him something warm that will remind him of his childhood, give him memories of me that he can draw pictures of. Today I saved two lives, mine and my child’s and they couldn’t stop me yet.

So when you tell me that “we’ve moved past” let me remind you how close we are to legislation ruling our uteri and God becoming the justification for when we chose to give life, the single most important decision we as women will ever make concerning someone else, I’ll tell you that you need feminism, just as much as I do.


One thought on “The term Pro-Life is misleading because it depends on which life you care about

  1. Hello. I just wanted to say that I love this blog. I also wanted to ask if you find that you receive negative responses and how you deal with them? I have found that I receive an overwhelming amount of anti-feminist responses on my blog, which I find discouraging.

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